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Friday, July 25, 2014

Life with Hannah

Wow!  Time has been flying by and I have not posted anything on poor Hannah!  Well, she's a joy to have.  She is so very patient and almost never cries.  Only when she is hungry or is going to sleep.  And even then, it is just a gentle crying.  Not anywhere close to a crying that makes you want to crawl out of your skin.  She had a hard time the first two weeks but I suspect her tummy was giving her troubles.  We were just about ready to take her in for an acid reflux check and then everything got better and she stopped spitting up Exorcist style.
Hannah is just starting to smile.  She smiled at Grandma first and now slowly for the rest of us.  She has the biggest toothless smile when she does smile - it is fantastic.  She likes to smile a lot with Abigail too.
Dad and I finally are getting used to her being "Hannah" and we stopped calling her "Isabelle" (along with "whatever your name is").
Hannah is now also lifting up her head.  She's still a genuine bobble-head doll at times but is VERY proud of herself when we sit on the couch at night and she sits up (with our help) and holds her head up by herself.  It's really cute to watch.  She's my first who actually enjoys tummy-time.  Not always but often.  The baby-acne is thankfully gone but she does struggle with cradle-cap and severely dry skin in her face.  I have to lotion all day long with the good stuff.
We also started our adventures in cloth-diapering and so far, so good.  It's actually not at all as much work as I thought it would be.
Hannah's eyes are still bright blue and we are wondering if she will be our first to keep blue eyes.  We shall see.  Her hair is still beautiful read.
Her personality is so very sweet.  She is a big time snuggler.  She would love to be held all day but she doesn't complain when she is hanging our in her car seat or bouncer, as long as she is around us.  When she can't see us, she gets cranky.  She still nozzles her face in my neck when I hold her over my shoulder (her favorite way for me to hold her).  As for dad, he has a special way to have her lay on his legs in the evening and it never fails to make her go poop.  :-)  I'm sure he loves me writing about this.
And last but not least, she's our chunky monkey.  She is quite chubby and that is what happens when you start out at 9lbs!  We just love her so very much.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Abby's 2014 Ballet Recital - Ex Nihilo - Out of Nothing

Abby started her first ballet lessons this year.  She dances at a Christian ballet school and in addition to learning classical ballet, they also learn about God.  The lessons go along with the school year and then they have three rehearsals in the summer and then the big recital to end the year.  The lower school recital told the story of creation.  There were flowers and birds (adorable!), butterflies, water, air, seasons, etc.  It was very creative and the costumes were fantastic!  Each class told a little bit of the story.  
Abigail enjoyed ballet, although we do not know if she is passionate about it.  But after her recital, she was so happy, she cried tears of joy.  So that was worth every penny of it.  :-)  Besides, we loved the way she looked as a beautiful little Monarch butterfly. 
We had invited our family as well as dear friends.  There were quite a few of us: Auntie Megan and Olive, Uncles Chris and Mike, Grandma, Tanya-Hannah-Abigail Matson, Kathy-Millie-Madison Gustufson, Margie Porter and of course, Dada, myself, Isabelle, Nathan and Hannah.
The event was set up great.  They even had a cookie sale and the parents could send cookies with notes backstage to their daughters.  We chose a heart cookie that had "love" written on it.  On the wrapper we wrote: "Abigail, You are God's beautiful butterfly.  We are so very proud of you."  Dada was also able to purchase beautiful hydrangeas here for Abby.

As is expected with a newborn, Hannah had to be fed during the performance.  After coming out of the restroom, I surprisingly found Abigail with one of the younger teachers (Miss Emily).  Apparently her leg was hurting badly.  It reminded me that she has intense stage fright. This totally shocked us the first time we realized it since she is usually so outgoing and wants to perform in front of her family.  Together with other dancers, we tried to encourage her to dance.  We told her that her friend Abigail had even brought her a Playdoh set but she couldn't have it until she performed and that Olive and dada had a little something for her (flowers).  Dad came out too as he was looking for me, always giving me the opportunity to see these important events.  He came to take Hannah so mom could see Abby dance.  We talked to her for a bit and when Abby heard who all had come to support her and how special everyone was making it, she jumped up and ran off to dance, all the other dancers following trying to keep the momentum going.
Abigail did good during her performance.  She even spotted dad and Hannah at the door and waved to them.  She remembered her steps and when the lead girl forgot, she helped her back into position.  She looked so incredibly beautiful and graceful as she was dancing.

She was so excited when she was released.  She received flowers from her dad (blue hydrangeas) and flowers from Olive which incidentally had Monarch butterflies on the wrapper and one inside the flowers.  That was really funny because Megan and Olive did not remember that she was a butterfly until they saw her.

After she was released and as Auntie Megan started to take pictures, Abby started to cry.  I asked her why she was crying and she said: "Because I'm so happy.  This is the first time I cry because I'm so happy.  I've never done this before."  When asked why she was so happy she replied: "Because everyone is making it so special."  It was so sweet.  A moment that will long linger in my heart.  
Abigail truly is God's beautiful butterfly.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wenn Engel Auf Reisen Gehen/When Angels Travel

My mother is my angel.  She came to my and David's rescue when Hannah was born.  She has come for every birth so far.  Maybe that is why we keep having kids, so my mom will come.  :-)  She stays for four weeks and does just about everything: cooking (yum- she is a fabulous cook and I think my husband might miss her cooking when she leaves - I know I do!), cleaning, taking care of older kids, taking care of the new mom and her husband, spoiling us with all kinds of little and big treats, giving us company, encouraging us, the list goes on and on.  When she leaves, we are very sad.  I am very, very sad.  Not only is it hard because I do not know when I will see her next, it is hard to adjust to normal life when you just got spoiled for four weeks!  No matter how awesome your normal life is.  

Meine Mutter ist mein Engel.  Sie kam zu David und meiner Hilfe als Hannah auf die Welt kam.  Sie kam bis jetzt zu jeder Geburt.  Das ist vielleicht der Grund warum wir jetzt vier Kinder haben - damit wir Mutti wieder sehen.  :-)  Sie bleibt normal fuer vier Wochen und macht so ziemlich alles: Kochen (sie kocht super und ich glaube mein Mann vermisst ihr kochen sehr - hey, ich vermisse ihr kochen sehr!), reinigen, auf die aelteren Geschwister aufpassen, die neue Mutti und ihren Mann pflegen und hegen, uns mit kleinen und grossen Geschenken erfreuen, mit uns zusammen zu sitzen, uns zu unterstuetzten, die Liste geht weiter und weiter.  Wenn sie wieder weg geht, sind wir sehr traurig.  Ich bin sehr, sehr traurig.  Es ist schon hart da ich nie weiss wann ich sie wieder sehe.  Und dann muss man sich natuerlich wieder an den Alltag ohne Mutti gewoehnen nachdem man vier Wochen lang verwoehnt geworden ist!  Egal wie cool der Alltag normalerweise ist....

My mom loved this outfit on Hannah, especially the typical American headdress.  :-)
Mutti mochte dieses Outfit an Hannah sehr, vor allem unsere Amerikanischen Haar Accessoires.

Isabelle und Oma hatten ihre "Motzgesichter" und dann lachten sie hinterher.  
Isabelle and Oma had their "Pouty faces" and then they'd laugh afterwards.

The grandmothers together.
Die Omas zusammen.

Abigail in her ballet dress for this year's recital.  More later.  Oma loved er in it and joined us for rehearsal practice.  Oh, and look at Oma's toes!  She got a pedicure here and the ladies did a fantastic job of painting flowers on her toes.  It was neat to see.  She also paid for the girls to have their very first pedicures!  They loved it.  Abby got her toenails washed and painted and for Isabelle we got just a polish.  Isabelle sat totally still for it and loved every minute of it.  When I took the toe nail polish off two weeks later, she panicked and informed me the lady said to not touch it!  I explained to her it was only for the day of painting.  Both the girls chose a glittery blue with white flowers on their big toes.  Of course Isabelle simply followed Abigail's direction.

Abigail in ihrem Ballet Kostuem fuer ihren 2014 Auftritt.

For Matze and I guess Frank (if he reads).
Fuer Matze und auch Frank, sollte er es lesen.

Here we had fantastic cobbler on our way to Mt. St. Helens.   And found a few souvenirs...
Hier hatten wir fantastischen "Cobbler", ein Amerikanisches Kuchen Dessert mit Eis.  Und wir fanden auch ein paar Souveniere.

Mt. St. Helens.  A love story for my mom.
Mt. St. Helens, eine Liebesgeschichte fuer Mutti.

A quick stop.
Reststop.  Oma mit ihrem Hundi.  Er vermisst sie sehr...  Vor allem die naechtlichen Runden im Haus herum.  :-)

This is only one mountain.  It only looks like two.  It's the slope that got blown away in the explosion.
Das ist nur ein Berg.  Es sieht nur aus wie zwei Berge da die Mitte durch die explosion weg geblasen wurde.

We thank my mom for everything she did for us and simply for coming to see us.  We love you!

Vielen, vielen Dank fuer alles das du fuer uns gemacht hast.  Aber am meisten danken wir dir das du gekommen bist.  Wir lieben dich!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Welcome Sweet Little Hannah!

Sweet baby Hannah made her entrance into the world the other day.  Lovely huge cheeks to smootch, she even has red hair like Abby (we'll see if it stays).  She looks a lot like Abby but the more I look at her, she also reminds me of Isabelle (big cheeks).  The kids absolutely love her and snuggle with her constantly.  They love holding her and especially Abby doesn't tire of doing so.  The kids' reactions to her made our hearts fill with joy, so loving and sweet.  Especially Nathan, who cried tears of joy the night I went into the hospital, because he was so excited to meet her.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bestest Helper Ever

Although she is only 6 years old, Abigail is my lifesaver.  She is amazing.  She helps with all kinds of chores and on a day when she is in a generous mood (or just bored), she does work all day long.  She gets Isabelle dressed, feeds herself and Isabelle, mops and sweeps floors, wipes counter tops, entertains Isabelle all day long, cleans the kitty litter, and last week she even bathed Isabelle with very little help!  Abby, you are a rock star to your 9-months pregnant mommy!  I wish you a little girl just like you.  You'd love it.  :-)

Monday, May 19, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted funnies.  It is not for a lack of funny things the kids say, it is simply my lack of writing it down.

Isabelle: "No, it's not."
Mama: "Isabelle, stop arguing with Mama."
Isabelle: "I'm not arguing."
Mama: "Yes, you are."
Isabelle: "No, I'm not!"

At the park, Isabelle had to sit next to me for a time-out.  She was not happy about this.  So after thinking for a while, she says: "I just sit here."
Mama: "You are in time-out."
Isabelle casually: "No, I just sit here."  (How do you reason with a 2-year old, I ask???)

Abigail, after singing some high notes with her uncle: "Please tell dada you made me yell."

Isabelle, not in the mood to eat her dinner: "I'm tired from eating."

After serving a bowl of cereal to Nathan, which was apparently not filled sufficiently, Nathan asks: "Is that for mini-Nathan?"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Lost Tooth - Abigail

The girl's finally lost her loose tooth.  She had it for a long time and was especially excited.  She wasn't one to mess with the loose tooth though.  Except for the last day.  She bit into a piece of French bread and it got really loose.  She played with it a bunch by wiggling it with her tongue.  The next morning, she woke up and came downstairs and wanted to show me how she had turned the tooth all the way around earlier in the morning.  When she did so, her tooth came out.  It totally surprised her.  But excitement quickly took over.  She walked around with the tooth constantly by her side for probably three days and wouldn't relinquish it to the tooth fairy.  While she is still not ready to give it up a week later, she at least stopped playing with it.  :-)  My baby-girl is growing up for sure.